Dusky Custom Lures Australia is about having the best quality lures from weekend fishing to tournament fishing.

Our passion for the sport during the COVID-19 crisis led us to design our baits from scratch, simply to catch more fish.
Every item is custom made, hand crafted and inspected to verify to be the best quality. We take great pride in every piece we make.
Our goal is for every angler who fishes with our lures to have the confidence they deserve. We are not happy unless our customers are happy.

Dusky Custom Lures are CAD designed and 3D Printed In-house before each lure is tested and fishing lure molds are made.
We also manufacture custom hand poured baits and other tried and tested fishing lures and baits. From trout fishing bait and lures, to bass fishing bait and lures. We also manufacture a wide range of custom saltwarer fishing bait and lures.
We take great pride in our work to bring you high quality lure’s at affordable prices!
trout fishing lures and baits
Thanks for your business and tight lines.

Dusky Fishing Lures Made In Australia