Choosing the Best Soft Plastic Fishing Lure for Freshwater
Choosing the best soft plastic fishing lure and freshwater fishing lures depends on whether you want to fish for Trout, Murray Cod, Australian Bass, Barramundi, Redfin or even Carp. Each species of fish prefers different types of food, so your best option is to experiment with different lures to determine which ones produce the best results in your favorite fishing spots. To help you get started, here are some of the most popular soft plastic fishing lures that have proven effective across many freshwater fishing locations in different parts of the world.

The Importance of Hook Sizes

Hook sizes and styles for soft plastic lures also vary based on what you’re fishing for, as well as where you’re fishing. Trout, Bass, Barramundi and Murray Cod are some of the most popular fish to catch with lures, but they each require different lures and jig heads that are tailored to their preferences. In a nutshell: hooks should be kept small and sharp for trout and bass —say between size #8 (7mm) and #2 (14mm). Barramundi may prefer larger bait hooks in sizes 2/0 (17mm) – 6/0 (23mm) while Murray Cod hooks are (between 3/0 (18mm) and 4/0 (19mm). Jig heads will depend on what type of lure you’re using and target fish species.

Which Type Of Fishing Bait Should I Choose?

Craws, grubs, stick baits, paddle tails, insect lures. There are tons of options when it comes to choosing what type of lure is best for freshwater fishing and most people will agree that if you want to catch trout, it’s a good idea to pick up a pack of insect lures, small swimbaits and jig heads and stick with them. For beginners and advanced anglers alike however, there are many factors to consider when choosing which type of soft plastic fishing lure to use. Customizing your own lures is one way to ensure that you’ll always have your perfect baits on hand. Personalize them with different colors or add some weight by replacing hooks and jig heads as needed.


Soft plastic lures are an excellent approach to capture a wide range of freshwater fish in a short period of time.. They come in a variety of styles, weights and sizes to fit a wide range of requirements.
They are simple to use, can be fished at any time of day, from any boat or river bank, and are incredibly adaptable.
Soft plastics are likewise tough and made to stand up to the demands of freshwater fishing. They’re also simple to carry and store in yout tacklebox.