Choosing the Best Soft Plastic Fishing Lure for Saltwater
When it comes to lures, there are as many varieties as there are fish in the ocean. It may seem like a never-ending quest for the best lures, but in the end it’s all about finding the ones that work for you.
There are a variety of soft plastics for fishing with saltwater, and choosing the right lure can be a daunting task, however Soft plastics are an excellent choice. If you’ve never fished with soft plastics before, it’s easy to dismiss them. But there’s a lot more to soft plastics than you might think. They have their advantages over traditional lures and are a great way to catch more fish in a shorter amount of time.
Soft plastic lures are a great choice for many saltwater fishing situations. They are easy to use, can be fished at anytime of the day, and can be fished from any type of boat or shore structure.

Tips for Choosing the Best Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

Here are a few tips for choosing the best soft plastic fishing lure for you:
# Look at the Color and Size – The best soft plastic lures are often designed to blend in with their surrounding environment. This can come in the form of a near-invisible lure that is almost colorless, or just a subdued color. Other lures will have patterns or shapes that are designed to help attract fish. It’s also vital to think about the bait’s size when choosing a saltwater fishing lure. Large, brightly coloured lures can scare fish away, whereas lures that are too small or drab in colour may not be noticeable enough to the fish. It’s generally a good idea to try with with different sizes and colours until you discover the right combination.
# Consider depth Water absorbs or blocks light as it gets deeper. This means that colours become more difficult to see as you go deeper under water, and various colours fade at different wavelengths. The first colour to vanish underwater is red, followed by orange, and finally yellow.
Black or purple lures are your best bet if you’re fishing in deep water.
# Weather Conditions – Silver lures are ideal on bright sunny days since they reflect direct sunlight. They will be practically undetectable on foggy days, so bright lures are a suitable option. Furthermore, UV radiation is stronger during cloudy days, so it will help brighten your lure even more.
Although some fishermen favour lighter lures and equipment in stronger winds, a heavier lure will allow you to reach deeper depths, where fish are more likely to be. With that extra tension on the line, you’ll also feel bites better.


Soft Plastic Lures are a great way to catch a variety of fish in a short amount of time. They are versatile and can be fished from any boat or shore structure, and can be fished at anytime of the day. They have a variety of weights and sizes that are made to suit a wide variety of needs.
They are easy to use, can be fished anytime of the day, can be fished from any type of boat or shore structure, and are extremely versatile.
Soft plastics are also durable and designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing. They are also easy to store and transport.