How To Rig Dusky Lures

When it comes to choosing the ideal fishing rig, there are a number of elements to consider. Location, target fish, size of the bait and the substrate we’re fishing in are all important considerations.

Even with all of these factors in mind, here are some fishing rigs below where you can all start from. I often utilise these rigs or or a modified version of one of these fishing rigs.


Rigging Options.


Carolina Rig

Carolina Rig 1

Carolina Fishing Rig


The Carolina rig is like the Texas rig with one big exception, the position of the weight. While the Texas rig uses a free moving weight that slides along the line the Carolina rig uses a fixed weight separated from the lure by a length of leader. By keeping the weight above the lure, you will experience a different action, more of a circular motion, as the lure drops or encounters current. Another notable difference related to weight is size. While the Texas rig relies on a relatively small bullet weight the Carolina rig allows for a much heavier weight if needed, up to 2 ounces or more depending on what species you are targeting and water conditions.


Texas Rig

Texas Rig 1

Texas Fishing Rig


A rig commonly utilized by anglers, the Texas Rig is known for its ability to remain “weedless” and be retrieved through all types of cover such as submerged vegetation, rocks and wood without “hanging up.”


The Texas rig consits of a free moving bullet weight on the line, generally composed of lead and is linked to either a worm hook in the Texas Rig.


The rig is used with a variety of soft plastic baits, such as Swimbaits, lizards, tubes, creature baits, and worms. The hook is inserted into the bait’s tip and then rotated, with the hook’s point buried back into the soft plastic’s body, making it incredibly hard to snag.


Weightless Rig

Weightless Rig

Weightless Fishing Rig


Weightless rigs – also known as free lining rig, is similar to the Texas Rig and is very common when fishing for fish higher up in the water column. The rig is a type of setup that only include the line, the hook, and the lure.


Wacky Rig

Wacky Rig 1

Wacky Fishing Rig


The wacky rig is a weightless stick worm hooked through the center of its body. Having the hook in the center allows both ends of the stickbait to wiggle as the bait sinks. The subtle wiggle that a sinking stickbait produces attracts fish. This makes the Wacky rig very a popular choice.


Neko Rig

Neko Rig 1

Neko Fishing Rig


Similar to the Wacky Rig, however the Stickbait has some weight at the head and an O-ring in the center to help the hook face upward.


Tokyo Rig

Tokyo Rig 1

Tokyo Fishing Rig


The Tokyo Rig is a hook with a swivel attached to a short weighted wire. It’s comparable to a drop shot, except the bottom line is much shorter. The wire weight may be adjusted depending on the sort of bait you’re using, and the swivel allows the rig to move freely.


Drop Shot Rig

Drop Shot Rig 1

Drop Shot Fishing Rig


The drop shot rig is a versatile rig that may be used in a variety of circumstances. The drop shot rig will work in most scenarios, whether you’re fishing deep or shallow, in freshwater or saltwater. The primary line is tied to the hook, and when you tie the knot, you’ll want to leave some excess line for the sinker. If you want your bait to stay a foot off the ground, leave a little more than 12 inches of additional line when you tie the hook to the line. 


Jika Rig

Jika Rig 1

Jika Fishing Rig


The Jika rig is a very simple rig with only a hook, split ring, and a sinker. The split ring is connected to the hook, bait and sinker. In this set up the lure is free-floating and free to move and rotate giving it lifelike movement and better action in the water. Fish your rig with your favorite soft plastic bait whether they are worms, creature baits, swimbaits, or craws.


Punch Through Rig

Punch Through 1

Punch Through Fishing Rig


The Punch rig can be used in most situations where you find fish hiding under heavy cover such as weeds, brush piles and thick vegetation.


Other Rigs

Rig Types 1

Other Types of Fishing Rigs


While there are many ways to rig your baits and lures, the above fishing rigs will undoubtedly aid your fishing success and will be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal!

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